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Short notes on how to make content pop

  • Blogs: 6 ways to get your post noticed - From the outset be thinking about how this piece is going to make its presence felt Spend quality time on ‘framing’ your idea to maximise its appealGet a feel for the search queries to which your piece is the answerIdentify the best format or formats for the ideaThink creatively about the visuals – stock photos aren’t… Read More »The DigiMediaPedia
  • Infographics – what you need to know - Infographics sound like they are new but they’ve been around for at least a century. Florence Nightingale used them to make the case for better sanitation for British soldiers during the Crimean War. Infographics work because they tell effective visual stories. Nightingale’s report on sanitation ran to more than 800 pages. Her illustrations aimed to… Read More »The DigiMediaPedia