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Runcible’s approach

About me

I’m Mark Jones. I ran digital at the World Economic Forum for five years and grew traffic 1000%, generated billions of social video views and ran a team that won a Webby.

I understand what drives online users and why organisations find engaging them so hard.

I learned my trade at two of the most trusted global news brands – the BBC and Reuters.

After 20 years leading digital media teams, I now help organisations make the most of their content.

This is what I do

I take insights from 20 years at the forefront of new media, combine them with analysis of your organisations’s expertise, scrutinise. your online presence, and identify your Areas of Outstanding Digital Opportunity.

I devise an action plan that will deliver the engagement that you deserve and, to bed in the changes, I offer staff training, advice on workflow, and individual skills coaching.

This much I know

From individual skills building to group workshops, Runcible helps you fill the skills gaps to achieve ‘content confidence’

  • Audiences grow when you put users first
  • Organisations love complexity, users crave simplicity
  • Winners know that networks matter as much as channels
  • Communications teams love messaging, users love stories and answers to their questions
  • The devil is in the data and no-one takes this seriously enough
  • Digital media is a complex system: it requires systems thinking
  • Deep down, you already know what works

How I can help you

Bespoke packages are available in four areas:

1. Digital Strategy

A 360-degree review of your current strategy, content, packaging and website, analysis of audience needs, and creation of a content-rich action plan. 

2. Optimisation of existing content and workflows

Runcible looks at what you are already producing and how and helps you tweak your approach to maximise engagement value and minimise effort. One crucial aspect of this is highly regular content reviews in which teams review what’s worked and what hasn’t and agree changes to test.

3. Launches

Runcible draws on deep experience to help you  launch new websites, blog series, social videos, social stories, and newsletters. The aim is to not just devise formats and content but also workflows and processes to minimise effort.

4. Capacity-building

The aim is to leave you with the skills, capacity and confidence to maintain a constant cycle of improvement. To do this there is regular support for those implementing the changes, individual coaching, and one-off workshops and training sessions.